The tao of calculus

The title of the last article was almost “Who needs calculus?” Then I remembered my personal moral code—no clickbait titles, not even in the face of Armageddon—and changed it to “Calculus for everyone.” Calculus for everyone is, additionally, the imaginary title of the imaginary textbook for the imaginary course described in that article. There are two parts to the book—a How and a Why of calculus—so I thought, why not a Tao of calculus?

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Calculus for everybody

It’s important to make sacrifices for your craft. Today, for instance, I had to pony up $12 to the Wall Street Journal so that I could read about why calculus is so last century. (You will have to do the same.) The article’s title (I confess that at the writing of this opening paragraph I haven’t read past the paywall yet) reminded me that I have a whole soapbox about why everyone and their grandmother seems to take calculus, despite the large swath of its content being useless to all but engineers, physicists, math majors, and the occasional business or biology major. Let’s get started!

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