“I am not a good man. And I am not a bad man. I’m an idiot!… passing through, helping out, learning.” – The Doctor

“I’m not a math person,” “I hate math,” “why am I doing this anyway?”, etc.: I have heard one of these on average every day of my life since 2010, when I took up studying the science so that I could explain integration to my Calculus II cohort. My first love, mathematics communication, is arguably the only thing I’m any good at. My goal is to convince everyone that they are “math people” (contradictorily, that there are no “math people”). Numeracy, reasoning, and analysis are tools for everyone.

“Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty.” – Rick Sanchez

In the spring of 2016 I taught both developmental and linear algebra as an adjunct instructor at Shelton State Community College. I took a position as a lecturer at Coastal Carolina University for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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wdweathers at gmail dot com

if you have need in your life/start-up/project for a energetic and personable mathematics communicator. I’m also committed to signal-boosting other voices fighting for inclusive science education. Let me know if we can work together!