Douglas Weathers
Graduate research assistant
The University of Maine
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
douglasweathers at douglasweathers dot com

Bio. Born in Georgia, I moved to Maine to pursue my master's degree and because I wanted to know what a frozen mustache feels like. I study mathematics because it's fun. While it's hard to pick favorites, my interests are in combinatorics, topology, math education, and category theory. I like steak, scotch, and I thought Good Will Hunting was kind of dumb.

Academic experience.
University of Maine
2013 - 2015 exp.
Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship
Pending thesis on combinatorics on some differential polynomials discovered by Drs. Lvin and Kuchment with Dr. Benjamin L. Weiss

University of Alabama
2009 - 2013 summa cum laude
National Merit Scholarship, Thomas Waverly Palmer Mathematics Award (x2)
"Computing the exponential function with Laguerre polynomials" with Dr. Roger B. Sidje

"Sometimes science is more art than science, Morty." - Rick

"I am an idiot, with a box, and a screwdriver: passing through, helping out, learning." - The Doctor